Calgon Announces Rebranding of Entire Bath and Body Care Line With New Packaging and a Bold Marketing Campaign

Best Known for “Take Me Away,” The New Calgon is Set to Engage Women Looking for Active Sensual Experiences in the Bath Category

BALTIMORE, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Calgon, a leading bath and beauty brand best known for its iconic tagline “Calgon, Take Me Away!,” announced today a total rebranding effort including new packaging, logo, product extensions and a bold new marketing campaign. The rebranding reinforces a strong brand heritage in the bath category with fresh imagery to help consumers rediscover an active, sensual Calgon experience. The new Calgon products will be on shelves beginning March 2010 with a US and Canadian relaunch sold in food, drug and mass retail.

For decades, Calgon has been synonymous with the emblematic “Calgon, Take Me Away!” tagline and its heritage in the bath category. In order to reinvigorate the brand, Calgon will relaunch with a more vibrant message of confidence and escape with new packaging designs that showcase vivid colors, bold imagery and sensual landscapes. The emblematic logo has also been redesigned to capture this new, active brand experience with the replacement of the “o” in Calgon with a botanical flower and new script-style font for the words “Take Me Away!” Calgon will also offer its most popular product, Moisturizing Bath Beads, in a sleek cylinder container in addition to its traditional box, addressing key consumer requests for a more modern, luxurious bath experience.

With this repositioning, Calgon has set the stage to own the bath segment with over 30 new products being introduced. Adding to the Bath Bead line will be a range of Mineral Salts, Epsom Salts, Bubble Baths, Bath Fizzy Sets and more. In addition, Calgon will also extend their specialty bath offerings to include new aromatic fragrances and new formulas such as a “2-in-1” Shower Gel and Foaming Bath and an ultra-nourishing Body Cream. These additions will give the Calgon brand and the consumer the widest range of specialty bath and basic bath products from which the retailer can choose.
The new rebranding effort for Calgon is driven by Ilex Capital Group which acquired the business in November of 2008 when they bought the Company from Ascendia Brands. Ilex has hired Alliance Agency, as their full service communications agency handling advertising, marketing and public relations for the relaunch.

“We are extremely pleased to announce our rebranding efforts for Calgon, enhancing and innovating the bath and specialty fragrant categories with our new branding, new product extensions and new product packaging,” said Bernie Kropfelder, EVP of Marketing and Sales of Ilex Consumer Products Group. “Calgon has been a trusted brand for decades and our goal is to continue to serve our existing loyal consumers and to engage a new generation of consumers looking for an active ‘Take Me Away’ escape with their bath and beauty routine.”

Calgon is a complete line of bath and beauty products managed by Ilex Capital Group. The Calgon brand launched in 1946 and in the 1960s became famous with their tagline “Take Me Away!” which has become a widely known pop culture reference. In 2010, Calgon will relaunch with 30 new products on the marketplace, giving the Calgon brand the widest range of specialty bath and basic bath products in the category. Calgon is sold at Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Albertsons and Fred Meyer among other national retailers. Calgon products can also be found online at