Energize Your Day with Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist

An Enjoyable and Relaxing Experience
I received Calgon products from my Son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. Each one of them I am enjoying. They are distributed by Coty US LLC.

My Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist, has a light and pleasant scent. As I am not fond of many stronger scents, this was a pleasant surprise to receive. It comes in a clear bottle with a spray nozzle with cap and 8 ounces of body mist.

After my bath or shower and dried off, put on my body lotion I lightly spray Calgon Morning Glory Mist on, this makes the scent last longer, it was a tip from Calgon. For me the scent will last at least a 1/2 day, with just a very light fragrance but that is what I like. At first I thought it was going to be over powering when I sprayed it on but, once it dries there is just a light fragrance and is very refreshing. The Calgon Morning Glory Mist is great to use after I have used the Calgon Morning Glory moisturizing body wash and also the Calgon Morning Glory Body Lotion.

I especially like to put it on in place of perfume when I am going out and about. I have had so many compliments on my perfume, so I just say thank you. I’m not going to give my secret away. This is a light fragrance that can be used anytime. My skin feels so refreshed after I spray this on.
It is gentle to my skin, and leaves my skin feeling soft tot he touch. I have even used this mist as a spray in my bathroom to give it a nice smell.

It says on the bottle:

The delicate hush of a perfect morning. Soft petals swirling all around you. Mist Morning Glory all over for a romantic “take me away!” experience.

They couldn’t have worded it any better.
I have enjoyed my body mist so much that I purchased some for gifts.

The Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist, Body Lotion and moisturizing body wash are a wonderful trio.

Ingredients:Alcohol Denat., water(Aqua), Fragrance, Ext. D&C Violet No. 2, FD&C Blue No. 1, D&C Red No.33.

Warning: Flammable until Dry. Do not use near fire, flame or heat, avoid spraying in eyes.

If you are looking for a lightly scented body mist, I highly recommend Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist.
Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist $6.99
Calgon Morning Glory Body Wash $4.79
Calgon Morning Glory Body Lotion $4.79 Or you can get the 3 (Body Mist, Body Wash, Body Lotion as a set for $15.99)

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  • Tahitian Orchard
  • Hawaiian Ginger
  • Tropical Breeze