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Wynston Hill Venture Fund

Wynston Hill Capital's focus is on a small number of outstanding, intelligent, alternative strategies that we believe can provide true added-value to our clients’ portfolios. We assist clients in assessing whether these investment products are suitable for their respective portfolios. We are continually searching for new and unique strategies which meet the following criteria: Non-traditional investments Unique asset classes and/or strategies Acceptable risk-adjusted returns Low correlation with traditional asset classes Best-of-breed in their respective categories Can withstand intense due diligence processes 

Unicorn Pre-IPO Fund

Our related entity, Roundtable Capital Management, offers qualified investors with the opportunity to invest in private companies valued at over $1 billion. Unicorns generally refer to companies in high-growth sectors of technology, life sciences and energy. Unicorn exits are private companies which have exited for over $1 billion via M&A or IPO.

Sky Point Fund 

The objective of the SkyPoint Fund is create long-term alpha for investors through a quantitatively systematic approach. The strategy seeks to provide investors with stable positive returns with relatively low volatility and some degree of protection against major market corrections. 

International Products and Brokerage Offerings 

Access To 100 Global Markets In 26 Countries For Stocks, Options Bonds, ETF's, FX  and more Products From A Single Wynston Hill Capital International Brokerage and Trading Account



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